Slowly moving forward.

One thing I have learnt is that there is definitely not enough hours in the day. Currently both my partner and I are working full-time while trying to manage both the build and a 3 year old – not sure which is harder! 🙂 We have had a project manager helping us along the way but we have since suspended his services, and will continue 100% ourselves.

The bricks have finally been finished, everything went reasonably well except for one section that looked….shit. Got the brickie to sort this out. Just because it was in an area that wasn’t to be seen isn’t an excuse to do poor work!

So at the moment we are awaiting the frame to be finished, that should be early next week. Also, our waterproofer has been and completely sealed the retainer wall – so this weekend will be backfill and do drainage! Enjoy some photos!




Bricks Finished.


Corefill Retainer…It’s never moving!


Frame onsite!


Windows arrived. Loving our large sliders!


Main support beam in garage.


Progressing along with frame. Too bad the frame company was short 20+ LVLs. Work had to stop for the day!


Waterproofing retainer finished!


Internal frame with Kordon to stop the termites.




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