Ready for Brickies.

Brickies are due to start next week! We are confirming quantities and having all material delivered, ready for them this week.

Over the last 2 weeks we had the final 3 piers poured in the subfloor, unfortunately due to miscommunication – one of these ended up 100mm higher then FFL of the garage but other 2 were OK. Endeavoured today to cut it down with a demo saw but just my luck – the hired saw broke down with 6 cuts left to go! Only reason we wanted 100mm below FFL is for the future plans of adding a slab in this area. We also laid road base down in this area for a base for the slab down the track.


While we had good access to the subfloor we dug the trench for behind the retaining wall, awaiting for waterproofing before agi-line is installed. Also completed some minor drainage for in the subfloor just incase we get some run-off or seepage. For the cost of some blue metal, agi-line and a few hours work – it’s cheap peace of mind.


On top of this, we gave the area around the footings a big cleanup. Making sure everything was neat and good access for the brickies.

Bring on next week!


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