OK…. NOW we have concrete!

The weather has definitely caused up havoc over the last 6 weeks. We had finally got a break in the weather and the concretor was keen to make a start! Photos speak 1,000 words so see below. Take note of the serious steel work to make sure our retaining wall is up to the task!


Next are the brickies, which while I wait for them, I will be undertaking the drainage for behind the footing. This is going to be a critical piece of our house considering the whole 2.7m garage wall is a retainer. My initial ideas include inspection openings to surface so I have the ability to check the condition and/or future issues in each ag line. There will be a series of ag lines, most likely 3 (Base of Footing / Middle / Surface Water).


2 thoughts on “OK…. NOW we have concrete!

  1. hi thanks for sharing your experience as a owner builder.im planning to do owner builder too.
    can you pls suggest what course need to undertake for owner with white card.is that something specifically we need to do


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