Concreting to begin!

This week is finally the week that it all begins to look like something. We have been waiting for our concreter to become available to make a start on our project, and finally we are going to make some headway. It would have been a week sooner but due to storms then a heatwave of 46 degree days, we got set back.

On other news, we have still been searching for bits and pieces to not only save us money but add character to our new home. This brings us to the front door. Considering the style of the home, we wanted something with sidelights and toplight that really popped, not to mention a little unusual or quirky. What we found was that brand new options were extremely expensive, upwards of $4,500 – some even $8,000! Until we came across a beauty at a salvage yard in Concord. Listed for $2,200, we picked it up for $1,950. Solid – and in excellent condition!



Old School Door complete with security door!


Needs a repaint and some touch ups but I think it’s going to come up a treat.

We have also made a final decision on windows. Who thought windows would be so difficult! Prior to looking at windows, I never realised that products varied so widely – there was such thing as residential, semi-commercial and commercial frames nor the fact that pricing varied so much! We had found a supplier we were happy with, especially with the customer service they have shown to date. Due to the style of the house, we decided that commercial windows were a must, these have a bigger frame and are a lot more prominent, especially in the double hung. For a bit more character, we have also added top lights to the windows. Around 7k more then we were expecting to spend – but this is where our saving efforts help soak up some of that expense.



Commercial Frame – Much nicer…and more expensive!




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