…This is the plan!

I thought it might be a good idea to get a copy of our floor plan up to give everyone an idea of what we are trying to achieve. Initially when we bought the block of land, there was already plans that had been submitted and approved (depending on who you spoke to….long story, I’ll just say “council”). So after we decided we did not like the layout and the need to have a suspended slab in this design, quoted to be ~80k, we moved onto our own plan.

What we have tried to set out and achieve is nice and open living areas. We wanted to be able to have our kitchen, living, dining and alfresco all flow together while taking in the views. The top level of the house was then designed around this. Oh, and storage. We made sure there is plenty of storage!

The bottom level, however, is all about the garage! A nice size, 4 car garage, with the ability to have a work area out the back. All up, 110sqm. With the bathroom down stairs as well, I’ll only need to go to the top level for dinner! lol.

Overall, with the budget we are working on, I think we have come up with a decent design that works by our standards. We could have certainly made the house bigger – adding a formal lounge room, formal dining, 5th Bedroom and etc. but for us, they are not features of a house we find important – plus, think about all that extra furniture!!!


Top Floor.



Bottom Floor.


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