Silt Fencing – Done!

In preparation for the excavation, I have gone ahead this week and got the first stage of the silt fencing finished. Since we are going to be completing a lot of site works, the silt fencing has been ran along the fence line to stop anything running onto the neighbouring properties.

Once the initial excavation has been completed, I’ll do a second stage of silt fencing just below the house to catch any material runoff at the top of the slope.


Picture is 1/3 of one fence line completed. Picked the wrong afternoon to dig the trench – it was a blistering ~37 degrees @ 5:30pm! Thankfully, the following days were a lot cooler.

I also found that the price of silt fencing varies dramatically, the rolls I got were $60 for 100m from the local Mitre 10. Plenty of places charging that price for 50m! Better in my pocket I say…

Now it’s time for excavation!





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