More site works.

After getting majority of the bulk excavation work done last week, the plan for yesterday was to get all of our levels right, tidy up the site and make it more accessible for trades coming. Thankfully it wasn't as hot as last week and the end of todays works really gives a better insight into … Continue reading More site works.


…This is the plan!

I thought it might be a good idea to get a copy of our floor plan up to give everyone an idea of what we are trying to achieve. Initially when we bought the block of land, there was already plans that had been submitted and approved (depending on who you spoke to....long story, I'll … Continue reading …This is the plan!

Day 1 is here!

Still cannot believe the day had arrived to start site works. We have waited a total of 700 days for this to come. Within those 700 days were times that we nearly gave up and sold up, many stressful moments that put a huge amount of stress on the family. BUT - we have got … Continue reading Day 1 is here!


Silt Fencing – Done!

In preparation for the excavation, I have gone ahead this week and got the first stage of the silt fencing finished. Since we are going to be completing a lot of site works, the silt fencing has been ran along the fence line to stop anything running onto the neighbouring properties. Once the initial excavation … Continue reading Silt Fencing – Done!


Saving a dollar. Or two.

One of the reasons we pursued being an owner builder is not just for self fulfilment but to save money while producing a better quality build at the same time. Now that's all in theory as we have yet to get underway but initial figures put us at least 100k under our average quote from … Continue reading Saving a dollar. Or two.


Ready, Set…Go!

Sometimes I wonder why things are so difficult for this particular Council. We have had so much frustration over getting our DA approved that is has somewhat killed the experience and the 'joy' building your own home is meant to bring. After the consistent, ongoing issues as posted up previously - we had finally got … Continue reading Ready, Set…Go!